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The IRS is on the lookout for people who owe back taxes. If you have years of unfiled business or personal tax returns, we can prepare and file them for you. We'll work hard to minimize your back tax debt along with any penalties associated with your failure to file.

Getting up to date on back taxes is the first step. The IRS doesn't let you take advantage of settlement options until your back taxes are filed. If you can't afford to pay the taxes owed, we can arrange for a settlement option to pay off the debt and get you relief from your IRS worries.

Our clients are often amazed at how much more confident and peaceful they feel when they know where they stand financially and begin to actively manage their money rather than letting it manage them. Don't delay any longer, call David Love CPA at 704-688-5995 today to get started.

David Love, CPA

David Love, CPADavid has provided tax and accounting services to businesses and individuals for over 18 years. His professional services are enhanced by personal attention to client needs. He provides prompt responses to inquiries and most importantly, the attention of a qualified staff familiar with you and your specific needs. He is always available to discuss your financial and tax needs and answer questions in a non-technical manner.

David graduated from the University of Georgia and holds a Masters degree in Accounting. Prior to starting his own CPA firm in 1988, he worked for a large CPA firm and also served as Controller for several medium-sized companies. His background in both public and private accounting provides him with a unique perspective into the financial, tax, and business needs of your company.